There's a big market for coupons and discounts in Russia. Almost every grocery chain publishes a weekly catalog of coupons that customers can cut out and use in their stores. But paper coupons are the last century. Edadeal aggregates all the best deals on groceries in Russia and lets you use it digitally.

When I was in charge of art direction in Edadeal, my goals were unifying the design, managing redesigns of very outdated mobile apps, launching Edadeal's website, and building smooth processes in the design team as well as curating junior designers.

  • Art DirectionDen Talalá
  • DesignNadya Tkacheva
  • DesignIvan Degtyarenko
April — August 2017 edadeal.ru

Edadeal on iPhone X

iOS app screen

iOS App Screenshots

For the iOS app, we successfully predicted the style of iOS version 12 before it was announced and integrated a new design system into a very complex app hierarchy. The new design system helped us to simplify user experience and to make it much more obvious with new navigation, shopping list, store catalogs, stores on map, settings, product pages, etc.

Android App Screenshots

Deals screen Store page Grocery categories Side menu Choosing a city Favorite stores on map Search suggestions Nothing found screen Product page

Android app was redesigned for the same reasons. It started to behave much more natively according to Android's Material Design system despite still containing a lot of custom interface elements and techniques.

Product Page Interactions


Edadeal's Website

Some user interface improvements also were made to Edadeal's website.

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