Brief is a productivity app that combines chat, video, to-do lists, team hubs, and file sharing and shows your team activity at the dashboard.

While working on Brief, I made a design system, redesigned the app, made its structure much simpler, and curated designers in my team.

  • Art DirectionDen Talalá
  • DesignIgor Suslikov
Aug 2017 — Nov 2018


The technology behind Brief is Electron. The app can launch in any browser and in windows of any sizes. That's why it is designed to fit in very narrow screens. The key design problem was to fit a lot of functions into the left panel which contains omni-search, chats, contacts, hubs, tasks, and settings.

App Navigation

The (mostly) monochrome style of Brief's design focuses users on their work and doesn't distract them with flashy badges or notifications.

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