In 2013 I was making user interfaces for a city reference and maps service 2GIS. It is known in Russia and some other countries as a highly detailed catalog of city organizations.

After almost a year of work, our design team and developers made the first-ever version of 2GIS web service previously existed only as mobile apps and a desktop app for Windows. Web maps are now the primary medium of 2GIS.

  • DesignDen Talalá
  • Art DirectionDmitry Pilikov
June 2012 — May 2013 2gis.ru

Web Service

Web Map Grid

It starts with graph-paper-styled tiles. When you have a slow connection, you see it in the background.

When interacting with a map, every click makes a search query about what belongs there. I made a lot of pins for different purposes: current geolocation, favorites, points of interest, numbered search results, public transport stations, and a lot more.

Geolocation Pins
Pin States

Pictograms on the map display different types of public transport.

Public Transport Pictograms

Clicking a pin opens what we called “callout”, a thing containing all the information about the point on the map. Pins transform into “callouts” and back with morphing animations.

Transforming Pin

There's a lot of states for “callouts”. It can be an organization, a building, a street, and even a whole city and it can contain very different data.


On-map user interface elements for zooming, using a ruler, geolocating, showing traffic, etc.

Map User Interface Elements
User Interface Elements

Search user interface elements and suggests interactions.

Search User Interface Elements

The card containing some list of organizations (and also an advertisement).

Search Results

Explorations for saving an organization in bookmarks.

Favorite Mark Explorations
Favorite Mark Explorations
Favorite Mark Explorations

All the card states designed for search results and some more user interface elements.

Card States

Overlapping Cards
User Interface Elements

A complete user interface on the map.

User Interface on Map
Tiny User Interface Illustration

iOS app icon explorations.

iOS App Icon Explorations

And random illustrations.

Map Click-Through Illustration
Organization Kit Illusttation
Restaurants Search Illustration
Receipt Illustration
© Den Talalá