Russian Podcasts

This project is a catalog of Russian-speaking podcasts on any topic that you can find via the search field or using categories. Every podcast page includes everything that is connected to a podcast: all the subscription and listening options, websites, social accounts, and donation pages.

For podcast listeners, the catalog is an instrument to discover new interesting shows, and for podcasters, it is an instrument that replaces their podcast's website.

  • DesignDen Talalá
  • DevelopmentSasha Lunyov
  • CalculationsIlya Zverev
  • ConsultingSasha Grudkin

Website on Desktops

The main page of the catalog Podcast categories Podcasts about reading A podcast page Podcast recommendations

You can search on the main topics of podcasts, on descriptions, titles, and names of hosts. You can choose a specific category or look at podcast recommendations. Some podcasts have “podcasts from the same creators” section which is useful for specific host fans. Also, you can choose a podcast just by an artwork you like.

From the start, the catalog contained only those podcasts I personally found. Then, podcast listeners and creators have sent me a lot more than I could possibly find. Thanks, everyone who helps and supports this project.

Website on Smartphones

In the second version of the catalog, we re-worked everything from scratch. The website and search started to work significantly faster, we introduced new subscription sources, audio players with recent or the last episodes (if a podcast has been discontinued), new additions section, podcast recommendations, and categories.

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