Moscow underground often has bad cellular reception or even misses it. The only way to stay connected is by using its Wi-Fi network which requires authorization. You can only authorize in Moscow Wi-Fi network by watching an ad or tapping it.

Mauth lets you using the Wi-Fi network without doing that. It automatically finds a specific Wi-Fi network in Moscow underground right after launching, authorizes in it, and lets you use the internet without tapping ads. Everything in just a couple of seconds.

  • DesignDen Talalá
  • DevMarat Saytakov
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Authorizing Wi-Fi Successful authorization Authorization failed Do you like the app? Rate the app Send feedback

These screenshots above are all the app. After successfully connecting, you can switch to another app or just tap a link to open some popular app in Moscow underground. Most likely, you'll see the first three screens, but the app also prompts to rate it sometimes.

Currently, the app development is paused and this redesign is not implemented yet. But the previous version with my app icon works anyway.

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