Now, when a gesture of kindness towards a stranger is perceived as something heroic and demanding cameras, Kruzo is a simple application for raising the mood of a stranger. Kind words that come to the mind of a stranger on the other side of the world are suitable for this best.

The cat Kruzo delivers messages to random strangers around the world. Messages will be unique and heart-warming for strangers if users write something new every time, instead of pasting something prepared earlier. To make a user doing this, the app misses the ability to paste text and use auto-completion. Also, there is a time limit for writing a message.

  • DesignDen Talalá
  • DevMikhail Bolshakov
  • MascotLily Ibahaeva
  • CopyIlya Ostrovsky
  • FrenchValeriy Yushkov

iOS App Screenshots

Each message will be seen by only one user and only once. If a person liked what the stranger wrote to him, he can thank him by sending him a heart. The writer will be pleased to learn that the stranger liked his message.

Play Store Screenshots

First start Writing a message Message is received Translation

There's a ton of little cute design details in such a tiny app. All the app pictograms are kind of cat-related. On the writing screen, when time's running out you can see not only the ball of thread pushing the paper plane but also the keyboard's green background turning pink (pictograms are color-coded respectively). Received messages are automatically translated into your language if needed. When you haven't received a message back, there's a button to watch funny cat videos. You can get achievements for very unexpected actions, etc.


You can discover 2016' stats, read most used words, and examine app reviews to realize that Kruzo brought a touch of kindness into the world.

Kruzo Face
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