Matching my profession with passion.

The design unites all the things I'm interested in. It allowed me to become a specialist in things I like. I am a designer.

About Me

  1. Experience

    Started career with occasional clients, learned to work on projects in an ad agency, designed a new product in my hometown's company, moved to work at the state's search giant, art-directed several startups.

  2. Skill Set

    After working in companies of different types and sizes, I've got multidisciplinary experience™ of ma­king design, research, art-direction, manage­ment, and launching products for millions of people.

  3. Approach

    Years in the industry helped me to figure out some important principles of design: empathy, transpa­rency, honesty. I feel happier doing things for people first, and businesses feel happy when it gives back.

Portrait of Den Talalá Photo by Sergey Zaporozhets

Past Experience

  • TechOps 2017⋯2018 Art Director
  • Edadeal 2017 Art Director
  • Yandex 2013⋯2017 Lead Product Designer
  • 2 GIS 2012⋯2013 Interface Designer
  • Jet 5 2011⋯2012 Designer
  • Freelance 2006⋯2011 Designer
Resumé Linked In

Speaking Engagements

  • Busy Podcast #25 11/25/18 Moscow, Russia
  • Immigrantcast #23 08/13/18 Moscow, Russia
  • ProductCamp 02/11/18 Perm, Russia
  • Yandex Design Saturday 04/23/16 Moscow, Russia
  • ProductHunt Meetup 06/23/15 Moscow, Russia
  • Christian Schwartz Lecture 04/19/14 Novosibirsk, Russia
  • DevDay 03/15/13 Novosibirsk, Russia

Some Numbers

10 years of design experience

Worked on 15 M DAU service

Networked at 25 conferences

Worked on 5 projects simultaneously

Managed a team of 5 designers

Designed one product for 4 years


Novosibirsk, Russia


Visited 130 cities in 18 countries, including 28 in the USA, 65 in Europe, 35 in Russia, and 2 in Asia.

Meeting People

People are my source of inspiration. I've already met nice girls and guys from around the world and I hope to meet more in the future to learn something new from them. Thanks to all of you.


I’m generally picky about what I give a like so you’re doing something right!
David Lanham

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