I am Den Talalá, a digital designer enjoying life in the city of Amster­dam. I record podcasts, make music, design apps, craft websites, and take pictures.

This website is my safe harbour in the internet. Feel free to take a look around and to follow me on social media:

Photo of Den Talalá shot by Sergey Zaporozhets
Photo by Sergey Zaporozhets


I admire things that were made to work cleverly. That’s why many years ago I became a designer.

Started in freelance, learned to deliver in an agency, designed first product in my hometown’s company, gone through the mill at a search giant, art-directed startups and built several design teams. Got my multi­disciplinary experience while researching, designing, testing, managing, art-directing, and launching products for millions.


  • Vivid Money

    Since 2024

    Sr. Product Designer · Amsterdam

  • De Bijenkorf

    2022 ⋯ 2023

    Product Designer · Amsterdam

  • HumanSignal

    2020 ⋯ 2022

    Pr. Product Designer · Remote

  • TechOps

    2017 ⋯ 2018

    Art Director · Moscow

  • Yandex

    2013 ⋯ 2017

    Pr. Product Designer · Moscow

Footage by Yandex


My comfort zone is spreaded across the globe. I love to find myself in new places, to learn cultures, to eat new food, and to experience adventures while traveling.


Map of Europe

97 cities in Europe

Map of Russia

35 cities in Russia

Map of the USA

28 cities in the USA

Map of Asia

2 cities in Asia


It’s not so easy to capture a memorable moment of life the unordinary way. Shooting as a beginner is fun enough for me. However, I’m always learning.

I’m generally picky about what I give a like so you’re doing something right!

David Lanham
A house on a fjord in Oslo, Norway Blossoming cherry tree in Amsterdam, the Netherlands The museum of arts in Seattle, Washington An apartment building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Street view in Berlin, Germany An art object in a museum in Seattle, Washington Modernist architecture in Montenegro Pacific ocean view in San Francisco, California A marina in San Francisco, California A windmill in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Street view in San Francisco, California Water tower in Grapevine, Texas


I’ve met people from around the world who are my source of inspiration and I hope to meet more in the future to learn something new from them. Thank you all. This list is for my own motivation.